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Astronomy,Constellations, WV Stargazing Rooms, Portals into Space
Custom Stargazing Rooms - Portals into    ....  Orion and beyond.
Country Roads, Stargazing in West Virginia
A real star gazing night in Monroe County, WV
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West Virginia Star Gazing Rooms
Beckley, WV   Raleigh County   I 64/I77

Astronomy - Constellations -Home Stargazing Rooms

Daytime - Invisible     Bedrooms & Home Theater Rooms
Starscapes Stargazing Rooms





Stargazing Rooms

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Beckley, WV    I 64 & I 77


  Custom Created  - In Your Home 

Stargazing Rooms - Home Theater Rooms,
Hand Created  - In Your Home

 Stargazing Rooms -Home Theater Rooms

Astronomy - Home Stargazing Bedrooms and Theater Rooms - 
Custom Star Gazing Rooms

As if sitting in your lazy boy in a crater on the moon - relaxing from a hard day of  work and play.
Your mind will drift ... the stars will twinkle ... the excitement never stops ... as you drift off to sleep.

Your night sky may include over 1000 stars, shooting stars, nebulae, star clusters 
and even the Milky Way if you desire and you allow us the time. ...

Invisible During The Day...Beautifully Realistic At Night

Astronomy, Constellations, Stargazing Rooms, Home Theater Rooms, Galaxy 
You may have constellations of the galaxy of your choice -
custom created for you in your home theater room or stargazing  room -bedroom.

Call to arrange an in-home demo...seeing is believing.

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Doctor appointments and other things out of our control make immediate
flexibility, scheduling and availability - not very possible.
Every piece of work we do is unique -
 not like any that we have created in the past.
This is our hobby - not an on demand
- immediate satisfaction oriented business.
Let that idea pass from your mind - before you call.

Nebula,Constellations, Stargazing Rooms, WV Star gazing Rooms

West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C.
Kentucky, Tennesse, Ohio
In home creations - start at $2800 plus transport,
lodging and any scaffolding for extra ordinary work.

Star Gazing Rooms, Astronomy, Constellations, Starscapes F/X Artist Illusionist      Astronomy, Constellations, Stargazing Rooms, Home Theater Rooms

Astronomy, Constellations, Star gazing rooms
Ambrosia Inn   B&B - Kanawha Street - Beckley, WV

Stargazing Rooms,  Bedrooms and Home Theater Rooms   
Stargazing Star gazing Astronomy, Constellations, Galaxy, Hubble Telescope, ISS, NASA
kids ---  Constellations  Star Art for Autistic children..     Constellations      Stargazing      Space    NASA     
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